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Friday, May 7

Blogging is making me a Better Teacher!

Most days the fire alarm would have to ring before I would lose my focus in the classroom.  Typically, I am so engaged with what I’m doing that any adult entering the room startles me.  My students think it is hysterical the way I jump (and sometimes scream).  I’m so in the “moment” that the rest of the world fades away.

Lately, since I’ve started blogging, there has been a subtle change.  While I am working with my students I find myself listening for blog topics.  What I mean (add defensive tone here) is that I’ve added a layer to my interactions.  When I first realized I was doing this, I thought I should “check myself.”  I was afraid I was no longer totally engrossed in every second of my teaching day.  After closer examination, I realized this change was a good thing.

Blogging is making me a better teacher.  I seemed to have strengthened my radar. I’m listening for the slightest utterance that may lead to deeper and richer conversation, which along with good teaching might provide me with a blog topic.  While my teaching is usually laden with questions, I find myself listening even more closely to answers that may produce a blog topic.  Am I short-changing anyone? Does the end justify the means? 

Putting my Machiavellian tendencies aside, I see this as a win-win for both my students and my blogging.  My teaching has risen a notch and I am even more thoughtful, analytical, and attentive.  Furthermore, I find that while I’m writing a blog, I am more reflective about my students and their progress.  If a blog is the result from an authentic instructional moment in my classroom, than blogging is
definitely benefiting my teaching.

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