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Monday, May 10

I was a good teacher today!

I was a good teacher today.  Typically, this time of year can be stressful.  We only have 17 teaching days left.  Also, the never-ending program practices for the Spring Concert started.  (This annual event seems to take over every part of our school day – a topic for another blog.)  The students are losing motivation and momentum.  Everyone is a little cranky.

So, today I pretended it was January.  I like January.  The only holiday is Martin Luther King Day and there are no interruptions, except for an occasional snow day.  The learning momentum, along with my enthusiasm, is usually high.  I made a conscious effort to approach today as if there were snow on the ground and bare branches brushing against the windows of my classroom, rather than the spring breeze and beautiful azaleas.  Admittedly, I was in full imagination mode, but I was determined to make learning happen.

I started with a possessive pronoun lesson – risky, I know, but I love grammar.  Next, I moved onto our group work with a novel we are reading.  Good call on my part – they love when I read to them.  I even threw in the occasional southern accent for comic relief.  Then we moved onto I.D.R (Individualized Daily Reading) time where I went into full super teacher mode while I worked with kids one on one.  I ended the day with comparing and ordering fractions.  They loved using the manipulatives I provided as well as my “no sitting still” rule.  Everyone had to stand or lean or move during the lesson.  They actually grasped the concept of equivalency.  Everyone left happy, less cranky and with a pretty good learning momentum in place.

Today was successful.  I did my job and I laughed a lot.  It’s all in the approach, with a little imagination thrown in for good measure. 

So, I was a good teacher today!


Alan Stange said...

Good to hear that! I did not feel like a good teacher today. I abandoned my fourth and fifth graders to a substitute while I worked on preparation. I know they felt abandoned because they TOLD me so. I found the day productive, but found it hard to step into my room where someone else was doing what I wanted to do.

Joyce said...

Works for me. Tomorrow will be January 21st in my classroom. We will do some research on the computer for a Career paper and project. I will read to my class from a new book. And, we will work on adding and subtracting measurement. I need a January day...we only have 11 days left.

Nancy Teaches said...

Thanks for the comment, Joyce. I would love to hear how your "January 21st" goes for you. Please share!

Sarah said...

Glad to hear you had such a successful day! I'm thinking of implementing a "no sitting" rule too -- they're getting really wiggly this time of year :)

Hen Jen said...

that does sound like a good day! My boys hate to sit still, I do not know how you do what you do with a whole classroom full of kids!

Nancy Teaches said...

Hey Jen! Thanks for the comment. I think forcing children to sit still all day, or even for too long, is never a good idea. It isn't healthy for anyone! I make sure my students are moving around constantly. I even show them strategies for when they are with other teachers who don't let them move. I was one of those kids who was very kinesthetic, so I get it.

Ally said...

Hi! You said above that you "even show them strategies for when they are with other teachers who don't let them move." I do as well! But am (of course) always looking for new strategies to keep kids engaged .. can you share some of yours? thanks! a.

Nancy Teaches said...

Hi Ally,
Thanks for the comment and question. I have two blogs on deck! One is on my "don't sit still" rule and the other is what do kids do when they aren't with me when they need to fidget. Hope to get them up soon. Thanks for stopping by.