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Friday, December 24

Winter Break Work

Its Christmas Eve morning.  My grown up children are home, along with a friend.  Everyone is sleeping.  I couldn’t wait for winter break to recharge my battery,  and guess what I’m doing while everyone sleeps?

I’m working.

When I say working, it encompasses a multitude of tasks for school.  Of course, I always begin with my to-do list.  This is the list that I write of goals I want to accomplish during my one week off from school.

Here’s my to-do list:
·         Lesson plans for first week back
·         Parent newsletter for January
·         Update website and blog
·         Report cards – compose comments
·         Plan Poetry Project
·         Plan Radio Station Project
·         Plan Informational Text Project
·         Review tutoring materials for student with dyslexia/apraxia

Isn’t this what all teachers do on their first day of winter break?

One of my goals this year was to bring more balance to my life.  I’ve let go of many school responsibilities and focused more on teaching and learning.  I’ve done a pretty good job with this goal.  For me, this to-to list is filled with items that I can't wait to sink my teeth into accomplishing.  

The tasks on my to-do lists are things I love.   It doesn’t feel like work to me.  I have a tendency to take on too much, and the responsibilities that I let go of this year were ones that drained my energy and brought forth too much stress.  Now, I’ve become much more selective before I take on added school responsibilities.  I’ve learned that when I stay focused on teaching, I’m blissfully happy.  My scales are balanced because I'm doing what brings joy to me.  

So, while everyone is sleeping, I’m happily organizing, preparing, reflecting and getting ready for the new challenges 2011 will bring. 

I can’t wait.

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