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Saturday, January 15

8 Secrets of Success or Confessions of a Conceited Teacher?

I'm a successful teacher. I'm not bragging, although it may seem that way. I love what I do and I feel successful. Am I arrogant? Am I conceited? Am I too full of myself?

Yesterday I was speaking to my student observer and I heard myself say to her, "I've been teaching for 29 years and I can't wait to see what I will learn this year." After I said it, I realized that I really meant it.

I never stop learning. Is that why I consider myself to be successful?

Then, quite accidentally, I came across this video and knew I had to reflect some more.

Richard St. John shares his 8 secrets of success.

So, I thought about each label of success and my career:
Passion - No brainer here! I've been a teacher my whole life. It defines me. It drives me. It's who I am. I think back to when I started my own school in my backyard when I was in fourth grade. It is my destiny.

Work - I put in the time. I don't watch the clock as I grade papers, plan and research better ways to teach.

Good - When I think of my first year of teaching and what I did NOT know and how I have practiced and practiced for 29 years to reach my current level.  It takes time to be good.

Focus - Life happens and I've tried many different areas in education, but I've never lost my focus on teaching.

Push - When I doubted myself the most, I pushed myself the hardest.  I was driven to learn more.

Serve - One of my favorite quotes is: "No one should teach who is not a bit awed by the importance of the profession." (George E. Fraiser)  It is a privilege to teach and I try never to forget this.

Ideas - I love to create my own way of doing things. Sometimes it has brought me a wealth of trouble, but more often than not, it brought success.

Persist - Even when I felt I messed up; even when no one knew, I didn't quit.  At my lowest, when I felt I would leave teaching and go work in a book store, I persevered and found new ways to rejuvenate and ignite my passion.

I am a successful teacher: not in a conceited way. I consider myself successful because I never stop learning.

Are you a successful teacher?  What do you hope to learn this year?

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