Friday, May 7

Blogging is making me a Better Teacher!

Most days the fire alarm would have to ring before I would lose my focus in the classroom.  Typically, I am so engaged with what I’m doing that any adult entering the room startles me.  My students think it is hysterical the way I jump (and sometimes scream).  I’m so in the “moment” that the rest of the world fades away.

Lately, since I’ve started blogging, there has been a subtle change.  While I am working with my students I find myself listening for blog topics.  What I mean (add defensive tone here) is that I’ve added a layer to my interactions.  When I first realized I was doing this, I thought I should “check myself.”  I was afraid I was no longer totally engrossed in every second of my teaching day.  After closer examination, I realized this change was a good thing.

Blogging is making me a better teacher.  I seemed to have strengthened my radar. I’m listening for the slightest utterance that may lead to deeper and richer conversation, which along with good teaching might provide me with a blog topic.  While my teaching is usually laden with questions, I find myself listening even more closely to answers that may produce a blog topic.  Am I short-changing anyone? Does the end justify the means? 

Putting my Machiavellian tendencies aside, I see this as a win-win for both my students and my blogging.  My teaching has risen a notch and I am even more thoughtful, analytical, and attentive.  Furthermore, I find that while I’m writing a blog, I am more reflective about my students and their progress.  If a blog is the result from an authentic instructional moment in my classroom, than blogging is
definitely benefiting my teaching.


Katie Dicesare said...

Love this and want to say "ditto!"

Barbara Day said...

I enjoyed reading your post. I feel that blogging makes me more thoughtful about how successful a classroom lesson or project has been. It also makes me think about everything that goes into it, since I need to explain the experience to others. I set deadlines for my self so that I blog on a fairly regular basis, and I'm always thinking ahead about what I'll talk about next. Talking about what is going on in my classroom has also made me feel more professional. On the flipside, I feel like I have a secret life, because while some people around the world, including Austraila, maybe reading what I write, most people that I see face to face everyday don't know about my blog, and those who do, don't seem particularly interested. It's sort of odd.

Nancy Hniedziejko (Nancy Ehrlich) said...

Barbara! It's as if you got inside my head. You nailed what I was trying to say, but so much better. No one knows my secret, either! Why don't others close to us want to read what we write? More than odd. Thanks so much for writing. I sincerely appreciate it.