Wednesday, June 9

The First Teacher

I always knew I would have a little girl named Sam.  I imagined her with hair to her waist, delicate and breezy.  I knew if I were patient enough, she and I would meet.  I couldn’t wait, but she was 18 days late.

After time in the intensive care unit due to some complications, and me carrying on like a maniac, they brought her to me.  How do you fall so deeply in love with someone you just met?  I promised her I would be her teacher.

From the beginning, I started teaching.  Now, do not confuse this with an over-zealous, flash card showing intensity.  My goal was to teach her that the world was a safe place.  I wanted her to feel fearless and confident.  I wanted to surround her with experiences and opportunities to shine. 

Each day I spent raising this amazing human being was joyful.  Sam exceeded every expectation.  No matter what I showed her, she not only learned, she explored more deeply.  She was inquisitive, intuitive and imaginative. 

Today is Sam’s 23rd birthday.  Raising her has made me realize, she was my teacher.  She showed me how to look at the world in a new way.  I continue to learn from her each day.

When I first fantasized about being her mother, I thought I would be her first and most important teacher.  I was wrong.  She was my best teacher.


Tara said...

My oldest daughter is named Sam, too. She is like me in so many ways that watching her is like insight into myself. It is amazing how much she has taught me about myself as a mom, friend, and teacher. We have this bond that words cannot describe. I know that no matter where life takes her she will always be in my heart and I will be in hers.

Thanks for sharing this beautiful post.

Nancy Hniedziejko (Nancy Ehrlich) said...

Hi Tara, Thanks for the comment. Not only do we both have amazing daughters named Sam, but we are both from Philly. And, we follow each other on Twitter. Love your blog and would love to share ideas!

Hen Jen said...

wow, what a sweet and inspiring post!

beautiful daughter, and what a sweet name!

Sarah said...

What a beautiful post!! Can't wait to have my own little children to teach me someday :)