Sunday, June 6

My Big Secret - Teacher Clutter

So, this year when school ended, I decided to clean out my classroom.  Everything that was mine was coming home.  It took three trips.  What have I done?

To begin with, I already have shelves and shelves of teacher resources stored in my basement.  It is a finished basement with three separate rooms.  Last summer I organized and put everything in plastic containers.  I did an OK job – not my usual standard of organizational mania.  I was told to get everything out of cardboard and off the floor, since we have had flooding issues.  (We now have three sump pumps, with a battery backup – don’t ask!)

Over the course of three days, I brought home mountains and mountains of teaching treasures.  It took 20 canvas tote bags, numerous crates and boxes and a plethora of baskets and containers.   I did more cardio than I ever thought I could running up and down the steps. 

Of course, the first step was Target!  More containers!  (I think I missed my calling and should work in a container store.)  I have sorted some of the piles and now, I categorize and classify.  Then, I will call a self-help group for my pen addiction.  Can a person ever have too many colored pens?

As a teacher who has taught every grade, I have enough resources to  fill a warehouse.  I couldn’t possibly choose which to remove from the collection.  What if I needed it one day?  The irony of this is that I am known as a person who does not have any clutter in my house or in my classroom.  I am compulsively organized.  This is my big dark secret.  Shhh…I have too much teaching stuff.

I’m off to organize.  If you don’t hear from me, I may be lost under a mountain of bulletin board trim.  

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Sam Ehrlich said...

Post the "after" pictures! They are even more impressive.