Thursday, June 24

A Twitter Break

This is the third week of my summer vacation.  For the first time in more years than I can count (remember?) I am taking the summer off.  Next week I will start tutoring a few of my favorite former students, but that is only because I want to do so.  The most remarkable thing I’ve noticed is that I’ve stopped talking. 

Now, this is not to say I’ve become mute or have some new medical condition.  Anyone who knows me would think the world had spun off of its axis if I actually stopped talking.  I’m just as healthy as always.  Yes, I am a chatty girl, but a silence has befallen me.  What this means is that I’ve stopped tweeting!

As a teacher who loves to learn, I spend a chunk of each day on-line reading articles, blogs and basically anything that will help me grow as a teacher.  Typically, I would read articles, tweet them and then engage in twitter conversations.  I worked really hard to develop, grow and engage my PLN (Personal Learning Network).  My Twitter relationships are important to me.  Unfortunately, I needed a Twitter break!

After a busy and stressful school year, I could not muster the energy to connect or even read anything related to teaching.  My brain is rebelling and screaming at me to take a break.  Although one of my columns on Tweetdeck is #ntcamp and I am so close to signing up, I'm not ready to commit to anything.  I am starting to worry about my lack of interest.

Each day I take a cursory look at Tweetdeck and my Twitter homepage and then I move on.  I’ve been reading books non-stop in a leisurely way.  (See earlier post on “The Summer Reading un-Challenge”.)  I’ve been organizing and de-cluttering my house, and reading many blogs that are not related to teaching.  It is more than peaceful.

This morning, I read, “What do teachers do all summer.”  This short little list in Teacher Magazine released me from guilt.  The title of the article drew me in and I couldn’t resist.  (See how effective a good title can be to the reader?) Many teachers seem to need a breather.   It’s OK to take a break!  While some continue to sample teacher blogs, many are using humor and wit to express their need for a break.  I loved the one about “conjuring up satirical lesson ideas from his pool” and “giving her hair a vacation.” I wonder how many teachers are also taking a Twitter break.

So, here’s my list of things to remember…
  •  A Twitter break can be healthy! 
  • The Twitterverse will keep spinning even if I fall behind on my tweets!
  • Participating for the sake of participating can be boring and self-indulgent. 
  • Twitter will most likely welcome me back when I have something worth saying.  Right now, I'm in quiet/reflective mode!
So, what are you doing to rejuvenate your teacher spirit?  Are you staying connected or are you taking a break?  Are you being kind to yourself?  I hope so!


Sherri said...

I don't twitter and I am fairly new to blogging, but I like your idea of a break! Really, we weren't always SO plugged in and it's hard to remember we didn't always have the Internet.

I don't teach, but I work with small groups of K-5 kids on social skills. I am finding that I enjoy the quiet of my house in the mornings this summer, and trying to be more mindful of the moment. It's hard! The end of the school year is such chaos, this is a welcome change.

Hen Jen said...

I think a twitter and/or internet break is sometimes a wise thing.

I just picked up a stack of fiction books at the library, I'm thinking I might be taking an internet break soon...
enjoy your summer!

Nancy Hniedziejko (Nancy Ehrlich) said...

I think we women are always plugged in and forget to give ourselves a break! Curl up with a great book, put head phones on and take a few minutes for yourselves! Enjoy! Thanks for the comments!

Nancy Hniedziejko (Nancy Ehrlich) said...
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Sarah said...

Being online is actually fun and relaxing for me (but typically I'm not online to read articles and such). I think we teachers deserve to take a break - no matter what form it takes :)