Friday, July 23

Don't Be Afraid to Fly Solo to #ntcamp

I am a writer for, which gives me another venue where I can share my passion for learning and teaching.  I'm not allowed to include my opinions or use personal pronouns, so I hop over here to my blog to share what I think!  

I posted an article about #edcamp and #ntcamp where I described my experience and listed reasons for attending.  It was informative, and I hope, expressed the enthusiasm I feel. 

Many of you who follow my blog know how passionate I am about learning and teaching.  When I was frustrated and considered leaving teaching, I found Twitter.  It was the medicine my teaching heart needed.  This led to blogging and my attending #edcamp Philly.

When I first heard about #edcamp Philly,  I asked around and only one of my teacher friends wanted to attend.  She shares my passion for learning and is a dedicated teacher.  On the drive home it seemed as if we were both talking at the same time because we had so much to share.  We had trouble organizing our thoughts due to the excitement and awe of what we experienced. 

This summer I began to see the tweets for #ntcamp.  I couldn’t believe another un-conference was within driving distance.  I began to ask fellow educators if they were interested.  (The friend who went with me to #edcamp was away for the summer.)  The responses varied:

 “How many Act 48 credits does it provide?”
 “Sorry, not thinking about teaching this summer”
“Uh…. I’ll get back to you.”
“Seriously, Nancy.  Dial down a notch.”

No one was interested – and I’m a pretty persuasive gal.

Even though I was not planning to attend, I kept the #ntcamp column on my Tweetdeck and I kept reading the tweets.  Then, I began to feel like I did when I was reading the tweets from ISTE in Denver.  I wasn’t able to attend this conference for teachers and technology and reading the tweets made me feel as if I were missing the most remarkable event ever.  Was I crazy?  Then I read:

 @geraldaungst: Don't wake up next Sunday thinking, "Boy I wish I went to #ntcamp!" Prevent regrets by signing up now:

That was it!  I signed up for #ntcamp.  I made a promise after #edcamp Philly to take advantage of every learning opportunity.  I would not let myself be lazy about learning.  I knew I’d regret it on Sunday if I missed this.

So, even though no one wanted to go with me, I’m flying solo.  If you are reading this and do not have anyone who wants to go with you, come anyway!  Look for me!  Don’t be afraid to walk in alone.  Be brave in knowing that across the threshold are the kindest, most welcoming, most innovative, passionate educators you will ever meet.  

Maybe we can do lunch and discuss the magic that is an un-conference.


Kim said...

Nancy, thanks for a great post! I sure wish I was a little closer to Philly! I'd go with you in a heartbeat! For now, I'll look forward to the great tweets and blog posts as I "attend" from afar!

Rachael said...

I literally just found out about #ntcamp this morning and rearranged my weekend so I can make it tomorrow! I love meeting new people (even if it means I head in there alone!). Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!

p.s. I went to your teacher website and I LOVE that you have your 3rd graders writing blogs :)

Dan Callahan said...

I'm so glad that you had a great experience at edcamp! I'm pretty excited that we've already inspired a spinoff.

Kim, luckily for you, there's going to be an edcamp in North Carolina on September 18! Keep an eye on the wiki page for more information.

Sarah said...

If only it wasn't 1500 miles away, I would so be there! It sounds like fun and a great way to get pumped to start the new school year ;)