Tuesday, August 17

Hope came back!

Did you ever notice when you read a blog, and suddenly, you need to write one, too? One blog leads to another!  Then, someone tweets it and it leads to more inspiration and another blog. It seems to have a domino effect that picks up steam as it moves.

That’s how I ended up here.

First, I read “Love them before you know them” on Blogging Through the Fourth Dimension.  (This is Pernille Ripp’s blog and Greta Sandler was dropping by to post before the launch of her own blog.)  Here I found an eloquent and heart touching story about the difference a teacher can make through small, although powerful, moments of caring.  I was flooded by memories of similar moments in my own career.  Did I stop to appreciate them?

Then, this led me to “What are you looking for?” on Principal of Change.  This blog challenged me to look at every child as a future – not potential, but done-deal leader! Furthermore, Couros asked me to consider what I will look for in my students this year.  It was one of the moments that before I navigated away from the page, I knew I would reflect and write a blog about it.

See…. One blog leads to another.

Greta Sandler(@Gret and George Couros’ (@gcouroswords created a swirl of emotions and were the catalyst I needed to organize my own thoughts.  Lately, as I move closer to the school year, it seems as if I keep visualizing a “wordle.”  I thought creating my own Wordle might be a good method  to help me sort out the clutter of thoughts in my head.  I randomly started typing all of the thoughts and feelings that were trying to push forward, even if the emotion repeated, and this is what happened:

The message is hope!  Of course, I will be enthusiastic, work hard, persevere, etc., but I’m starting this new school year with hope, not tucked so deeply inside me, but bubbling forth with a colossal cacophony.  I've often been accused of being the eternal optimist as if it were a negative thing.  My friend hope took a beating last year and was badly bruised.

Due to my Twitter PLN, and most importantly #elemchat, the un-conferences such as #edcamp Philly and #ntcamp and the on-line community of bloggers, I’m rejuvenated. These super-powers have used their words and messages to make a difference.  

This will be my 29th year in the profession that defines me and inspires me.  

I have hope.

I hope I appreciate that I spend each day with people who typically smile at me.

I hope I remember to laugh at myself when I make mistakes.

I hope I look at every student and remember to really see him or her... not just glance away quickly.

I hope I connect with my students, even if it is just a gentle touch on the shoulder or a little wink as I walk by.

I hope I never stop searching for the leadership and greatness that every child has inside.

I hope each day is one of true grace where my students and I learn with each other.

So, here’s my blog because I read someone else’s who read someone else’s and so on.  Thank you for enriching my life and helping hope come back.

I’m off to read another blog!


Pernille Ripp said...

I am always amazed at that same experience; I read something and thoughts start to come and then something else triggers more thoughts and so on. I am absolutely enthralled with everything I learn from other people as well as the personal reflection that happens due to others' reflections.

Aviva (@grade1) said...

Nancy, I absolutely love your blog posts! Your post just gave me so much hope for the new year. As I start preparing to go back to school, it can all seem so overwhelming, and reading such a positive blog post helps make me excited for what is sure to be another great year. Thanks for inspiring "hope" in all of us!


gret said...

What a positive and touching post!
I'm really glad you were inspired by my post. Thanks for sharing it.

I totally agree with your idea: "See...One blog leads to another" It's amazing what happens when we are inspired, It's powerful what happens when we share.
Hope is contagious, one hopeful teacher leads to another. Thanks for inspiring me today.

teachingwithsoul said...

What a wonderful post! I so believe in the power of HOPE, especially in the midst of a challenge. The hope we have for ourselves as people and educators will most definitely spill over to the children or others that we serve.
All the best to you as you begin this year with much HOPE on the horizon!

George Couros said...


First of all, I am always inspired when a teacher that has the experience you do shows that they are a continuous learner. That to me, is one of the things that I look for in a teacher when I hire. If they are wanting to get better and try to do different things, that shows me passion. Taking the time to read and learn from others ignites our fire for our students, which they then feed off of. Is it not amazing how they take after us? If we are happy and learning, ditto. We all know about the other side.

I know exactly what you say about being inspired by other blogs. I never write in my own without reading others first. When I first started blogging, I just wrote on my own and did not read others. I quickly ran out of ideas and was not inspired. This time however on my newest blog, I read blogs before and decided that I should try my own. The passion and inspiration from the education blogging community is contagious (I got a fever and the only prescription is more blogging!).

Thanks for mentioning me in your post as I am honoured. I look forward to your posts because I appreciate educators that write from their heart as you do. Kids love that too.

Thanks for inspiring me to continuously develop myself :)

Sarah said...

Hope is a beautiful thing-- especially when it's "bubbling forth with a colossal cacaphony"! I couldn't come to school every day if I didn't have it :).

Fabulous post!